About ‘Blue is the Object’ the novel


blue is the object cover



When Azur’s parents separate, the heart, world and mind of the little girl are split in two.

Between saucy, sex-worker mother Dee in Liverpool , and doctor-father Wyn in rural Wales.

Azur encounters a dark side to the ‘Glamour ‘ Dee grooms her for. But will Wyn always be around to guide and protect her?

How will Azur find her own way? Can she resist her mother and celebrity-craving friend Nikki, who thinks selling sex is a fun, edgy way to boost their student incomes?

Is it empowering, as Nikki claims? Or degrading and dangerous?

What choices does Azur have?

When she falls in love with childhood sweetheart Engel, how has ‘Porn-Culture’ impacted them, and their future happiness?

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