Sweet Enough, Right?

Looking forward to the joy of the traditional Easter Chocfest? We are!


The good news is that chocolate, which we have all come to think of as very nice but a tad naughty, has benefits we are now told, and dark chocolate is an official ‘superfood’!

The bad news is the recent public announcement that sugar is bedevilling our health.

Personally, I’m surprised it has taken scientists and nutritionists so long to issue a strong warning about sugar in our diet, as I came to the conclusion it was something of a health time-bomb about 20 years ago, when I lived Stateside for a time. What concerned me about a lot of American food on the shelves was the amount of chemicals and sugar in the products, even bread.  However, a few years ago I decided that ‘real’ sugar in my sons’ soft drinks was preferable to artificial sweeteners, which I’m pleased I did, given what we are learning about Aspartame, the ‘sweet poison’. Ideally I’d prefer them to drink more water.

Bread and Water

Bland, but reliable, wouldn’t you think? Despite being an habitual ‘food label-reader’, in the UK I have always been complacent about our shop-bought bread until a few weeks ago when I noticed my toast tasted caramelised. Sure enough, when I checked the wrapper of the well-known brand, I discovered my wholemeal slices had been sweetened. ‘Spiked’, more like? So now I’m on ‘hidden sugar’ alert again, preferring to choose how, when and in what form I’d like my sugar fix. Like indulging in breaking off bits of chocolate eggs, nibbling and mouth-melting, tomorrow; the harvest of our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

A little bit of what you fancy does you good, the saying goes. Enjoy your Easter treats everyone!


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